$VERA Airdrop Announcement


What is VERA? What’s the problem to solve?

  • We have observed in previous market cycles, the number of projects always rising exponentially, and it makes it difficult to keep updated with the market while knowing whether an opportunity is worthwhile to consider or not. Our data indicates in the next bull run, the whole crypto & web3 ecosystem may reach an estimated amount of 30.000 to 50.000 new projects.
  • It’s akin to counting the number of stars. With such a large number of both existing and new projects, how can we navigate the space efficiently and securely?
  • VERA is a crypto & web3 AI assistant to search, learn and analyze various opportunities in crypto and web3.

About $VERA

$VERA use cases?

Why are we launching token airdrop program?

  • We are looking for feedback from our community to improve VERA.
  • Early community building — our team is building product in bear & sideways market, but we believe once the bull starts, VERA as a web3 AI assistant gonna help a lot of people to search, learn, and analyze various and new opportunities in crypto ecosystem

Wen token is released?

  • Our goal is to ensure VERA community contributors are having maximum gain in holding $VERA. We have analyzed market patterns for new coins, and we have come to the conclusion that the optimal time to release $VERA is at early market bull run. Because the risk of releasing the token too early may erode its value even before the token starts to realize its value in the market.

Airdrop Allocation Schedule

$VERA community activation airdrop allocation: 1% of $VERA total supply, and each is distributed by phases.

For each phase, the allocation pool follows the formula of infinity geometric series where S = 1% & r = 0.7:

S = a / (1 - r)


  • S is the sum (i.e. 1%)
  • a is the first term in the series
  • r is the ratio

Using the formula we gonna get a series of numbers corresponding to the phase of $VERA airdrop, i.e. [0.3, 0.21, 0.147, 0.1029, …], meaning first airdrop participants are getting 0.3% of total token supply airdrop, second phase are getting 0.21%, and so on.

The arrangement is set to ensure early participants are getting incentives with a larger pool of token airdrops while allowing for later participants to contribute to VERA ecosystem. Meaning, the earlier someone joins the program, the bigger chance to get a larger airdrop allocation.

Phase 1: Early Access Airdrop Program

Allocation: 0.3% of VERA total supply

Action: Referral and early access to VERA

End date: May 30th, 2023

Phase 2: Early Tester Airdrop Program

Allocation: 0.21% of VERA total supply

Action: TBA

End date: TBA

Phase 3

Allocation: 0.147% of VERA total supply

Action: TBA

End date: TBA

Phase 4

Allocation: 0.1029% of VERA total supply

Action: TBA

End date: TBA

Stay tuned to hear more from us!